Welcome Pack

Food essentials ready and waiting for you

Imagine arriving at your holiday house, after a long day traveling, to find your food essentials ready and waiting for you to enjoy. Well, we do just that. We select the best local, gourmet food and deliver delicious food packs to your accommodation so you can relax the moment you arrive.

Your holiday house should feel like your home away from home - somewhere to relax and unwind. Eating out is part of the holiday fun but doing it for every meal doesn't suit everyone's budget or convenience. 

Stocking your fridge and pantry however, can be a stressful task as you find a supermarket, battle traffic and make decisions on what you need. You've come on holiday to relax!

Introducing Welcome. Our customised food delivery service means you can choose and order what you want in advance and have it ready and waiting for your arrival. You can relax, knowing you already have cooked or breakfast options and amazing platter ingredients ready to go… whatever you need to join in with everyone and relax.

When you arrive at your holiday destination, your only job is to find your accommodation. Then sit down and relax with our delicious offerings.

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